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High Quality Wood Direct from the Forest

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hand plane for wood

Our Lumber Mill in Michigan

We offer a wide range of high-quality wood products and additional services like pre-finishing and installation. Check out all the different custom lumber products we specialize in below.

hand plane for wood



Need help choosing your custom lumber products? Get tips from our expert craftsmen that will help you with any project type or scale here.

log siding products

Log siding products deliver a host of benefits to your residential or commercial building project, with variety and versatility at the forefront.

lumber lead times

Longer lumber lead times, including timber products for use in log homes, have become the norm. Learn how Northern Log Supply continues to stay ahead of the curve.

best time to build a log home

The best time to build a log home or execute building plans comes during the spring season. Learn why, and how we can help, from Northern Log Supply

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