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Log house with cedar shake siding

When you choose cedar shake siding for your log home, you create a breathtaking look that is the perfect balance of rustic and contemporary design.

an example of distressed wood colors and textures

There isn’t much that can evoke the feeling of a warm welcome quite like a rustic log cabin. The inviting, natural beauty of pine, cedar, and douglas fir brings a touch of the outdoors in and creates the perfect backdrop for family dinner, birthday celebrations, and cozy nights beside the fireplace.

A single story wood cabin with small lights along the trim, two big windows and double glass doors on the front. A wood deck extends in front. The whole scene is covered in snow and trees with snow are in the foreground

With the colder months just around the corner, it is time to prep your log cabin to withstand the harsh conditions of winter. Without routine maintenance, freezing temperatures, harsh winds, and heavy snowball can wreak havoc inside and outside your log home.

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