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You can trust in our expert craftsmen to help you build timber trusses to your design.

Choose from rough-sawn or smooth logs or timbers for your beams and a variety of connection plates, including steel gusset plates with hidden connections. Complete your project with our pre-finishing stain to make installation a breeze. Once you’ve contacted us and placed your order, your ready-made trusses will arrive at your site ready for installation. From design to build to installation, we can handle it all!

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Truss Features

  • Custom built to your specs

  • Stamped and sealed drawings, if required

  • Different styles to meet your design

  • Log trusses

  • Timber trusses

  • Residential or commercial applications

  • Pre-finishing available

Choose Your Wood

White Pine
Red Cedar
Douglas Fir

Types of Trusses

  • Scissor Truss
  • Queen Post Truss
  • King Post Truss
  • Barn Truss
  • Hammer Truss
  • Roof Truss
  • Arch Truss
  • Rough Sawn Truss
  • Smooth Truss
  • Drive-way Entrance Truss


We offer a variety of timber truss connections.

  • Steel plates/ concealed plate
  • Hidden connections
  • Mortise and tenon joinery

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Building Gable Roof Trusses

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