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Shipping & Receiving

Northern Log Supply ships with competitive rates nation wide.

For your smaller orders, we will use a common carrier shipper such as Yellow Freight. And for any larger orders, NLS will deliver your order straight to you with our trucks and trailers. No muss, fuss or worrying about your delivery.

When you receive your order through our common carrier, it will be your responsibility to have equipment or help available to unload the delivery.  Also, please completely check your order. We want to make sure that everything is all there and free from damage before you take the order from the truck.

If your order is damaged in any way or there are any missing pieces – please be sure to inform our driver and call our office immediately.

For more detailed information please read our Delivery Acceptance Agreement.  We require all customers to sign this form prior to all deliveries.

Please feel free to contact our office for our shipping rates.