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Heavy Timber Beams


Core Construction Elements Come in Several Species and Choices

Heavy timber beams are substantially sized — 5” or greater in the smallest cross-sectional dimensions — wood elements that add rustic charm and architectural character to any timber framing project.

No matter what the need — from natural timber beams and rafters to trusses, porch posts, and joists — Northern Log Supply works with you to find the right combination of strength, resistance, and appearance to make your vision a reality.

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Stain Options

Our experts can help you choose a stain that has all the properties necessary to protect and preserve your heavy timber beams from moisture, UV rays, insects, mildew, and fungus. We carry several high-quality lines of stains for interior and exterior use. For a personal recommendation, contact us today.


  • Most clients save more than 50% over contractor staining post-installation
  • All finishing and staining is done on-site at our location in Michigan
  • Our automated sprayers produce a smoother, more evenly coated finish
  • Pre-finishing and pre-staining avoid weather and humidity delays
    Exterior products are sealed on all four sides for maximum protection
  • We back brush all stains to ensure uniformity with the wood grain
  • Our borate treatment helps deter bugs and mildew
  • Complete your project faster and with a professional finish
  • Contact us to learn more about pre-finished wood product benefits

Wood Choices for Heavy Timber Beams

Helping people make their log cabin dreams a reality since 2003, Northern Log Supply has the knowledge and experience to ensure we source only the highest quality timber for our customers, including a variety of wood species for use in all our heavy timber-related products. Get an overview of our preferred wood choices below.

Douglas Fir

One of the most resilient softwoods available, Douglas Fir is frequently used in building projects because of its universally recognized strength, durability, and capacity to handle harsh weather conditions. With high grades in tension parallel-to-grain, horizontal shear, and compression, Douglas Fir emerges as an ideal building material. Its warm amber coloration and distinctive long-grain pattern make it an attractive option as well.

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White Pine

Durable, versatile, easy to source, and reasonably priced, Eastern White Pine remains one of the most widely used wood sources for construction. The creamy white to warm golden coloration darkens with age, adding to the perfect rustic look for log homes. The straight, even grain pattern is as notable as its coloration. In addition, white pine has the least amount of radial shrinkage of any wood species used as an engineering material.

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Western Red Cedar

Aromatic, beautiful, and strong, Cedar is a natural choice for building homes and other structures designed to last generations. Cedar excels in damp climates and doesn’t tend to shrink, swell, or warp. Boasting excellent sound-resistant qualities, cedar also contains natural oil that acts as an insect repellent to pests like termites, ants, moths, mosquitos, and cockroaches. Western Red Cedar is named for its pink and red hues and is mostly straight-grained with the occasional swirl of color. Ranking 900 on the Janka hardness scales, this wood is easy to cut to specifications.

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Northern White Cedar

White cedar claims many of the same characteristics common to cedar wood — resistance to moisture, sound, and pests. White cedar also has a natural light and dark combination in color, ranging from white to tan to brown. The grain is typically straight with small knots reminiscent of knotty pine. Because it’s a soft wood (320 on the Janka hardness scale), it’s easy to cut and work with, but is better used for tongue and groove paneling where there is no need for nails.

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Quality Heavy Timber Beam Touches

Selecting a wood species is just one part of the process for crafting ideal heavy timber beams. Here at Northern Log Supply, quality and craftsmanship are the driving force behind everything we do. That is why we offer multiple ways to enhance and improve the installation process of your heavy timbers as well.

  • Multiple textures and finish options, including rough-sawn and smoot panned
  • Custom cut and notch options including flats, saddle notches, and moon cuts
  • Variety of timber connections including steel and/or concealed plates, hidden connections, and mortise and tenon joinery

When you order your heavy timber beams from Northern Log Supply, you create a durable, unique framework using all-natural wood sourced right here in the USA. We offer a variety of customizable product options to ensure that contractors and homeowners alike get exactly what they’re looking for, from posts and columns to beams, girders, and joists to more complex elements like timber trusses and custom milled logs.

If you have questions about any of our products, contact us. As experts in the logging industry, we’re happy to help.

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