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Log Siding


Our log siding is manufactured by our craftsmen in Michigan and with your easy installation in mind.When you want to buy log siding, you have a lot to consider. Half log siding or quarter log siding? Smooth or hand-hewn? Cedar or pine? We're happy to help you choose your species, size, and texture for exterior and interior applications. In addition, we can help you choose the perfect color for your log siding with our popular pre-finishing or pre-staining which saves you time, money — and mess. Contact us to see how we can help create the custom look and feel for your home or site.

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Log Siding Features

  • Interior and exterior prefinishing available 

  • Tongue and groove and end matching for easy installation

  • No caulking between butt joints. Color-match caulk available

  • Concealed fasteners

  • Kiln dried logs

  • Log corner options are available

  • Pre-finishing to eliminate the mess and expense

  • Order trim for the perfect finish

Species for Log Siding

White Cedar
White Pine

Wood Textures

hand hewn rail
Machined Smooth

for a milled polished finish

hand hewn rail

for a rustic appearance


Our log siding comes in a variety of sizes.

  • Quarter log siding is milled to 2"×6" or 2"×8"
  • Half log siding is milled to 3"×8" or 3"×10"
  • Paul Bunyan Siding™ is milled to 4"×10"
Size Pine Cedar Hand-hewn Smooth Interior Pre-stain Exterior Pre-finish Thickness Coverage
2 x 6 X X X X X X    
2 x 8 X X X X X X    
3 x 8 X X X X X X    
3 x 10 X X X X X X    
4 x 10 X X X X X X    

quarter log siding


quarter log siding


half log siding


half log siding


full log siding

Stain Colors

Butter Nut Storm Finish
Butternut Storm
Cedar Storm Finish
Cedar Storm
Dark Oak Storm Finish
Dark Oak Storm
Natural Storm Finish
Natural Storm
Teak Storm Finish
Teak Storm

additional Product Options

Wavy Edge Siding in Ember

Wavy Edge Bevel Siding

  • Size: 12"
  • 6'-16' random lengths
  • Coverage approximately 7.5"
  • White pine
  • Rough sawn texture

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Cedar Shake Panels

Cedar Shake Panels

  • 8' lengths
  • Coverage approximately 7"
  • Choice of even-butt or staggered butt-line
  • Choose between classic key way joint or tight contemporary joint between shingles
  • For easier installation, our cedar shake panels come as panels of shakes already nailed on instead of installing individually.
Board and Batton

Board and Batten

  • Size: 1x12 with 1x4 batten strips
  • 8-16' lengths
  • Rough sawn texture
  • Available in pine

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to learn more about our products

We can help you with nearly any look you’re trying to achieve. If you can dream it, we can supply it. Just ask!

Log Siding Overview
How to Order Pre-Stain
Custom Wood & Timbers

Add Pre-Finishing or Stain to Eliminate a Big, Messy Step!

Add finishing to your order and eliminate the expense, time and mess with a paint crew. We have many pre-finished options to choose from. See our charts on our pre-finish page and contact us if you have questions about color, durability, etc. Request a sample of your wood choice with finish you want so you can be confident when you order.

hand plane for wood

Our log siding is milled for easy installation

With our log siding's tongue and groove, you are able to blind nail or blind screw for easy installation. Add pre-finishing and you're ready for install. Read our blog post for more tips on installing log siding.

circular saw blade

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Either Square Footage or Linear Footage must be specified.
Either Square Footage or Linear Footage must be specified.
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Order Considerations

How to measure your home for Log Siding

The easiest way to measure your walls for our paneling is using the square foot method. To figure the square footage that a wall covers, you simply measure the length of the wall and multiply that by the height of the wall. Each wall should be measured and calculated individually deducting the window and door openings for an exact square footage figure.

Standard Wall Measurements Diagram

Standard Wall

In the example above there is an overall wall length of 20’ and a wall height of 8’, there is also a standard door that is 3’ wide x 7’ tall and a window that is 5’ wide by 4’ tall. To figure the overall square footage, multiply the length of the wall by the height of the wall (20 x 8 = 160 sq. ft.). The next step is to deduct the window and door openings out of the overall wall square footage (3 x 7 = 21 sq. ft. for the door plus 5 x 4 = 20 sq. ft. for the window for a total of 41 sq. ft. of deductions). You would then subtract the window and door sq. ft. total from the overall wall sq. ft. to get the final square footage amount (160 sq. ft. for the wall minus 41 sq. ft. for the window & door openings = 119 sq. ft.) There is a total of 119 sq. ft. of paneling needed to cover this wall.

Gabled Wall Measurements Diagram

Gabled Wall

Figuring the square footage on a gabled wall is a bit more difficult but the same principles apply. Multiply the length of the wall by the wall height to get the overall sq. ft. and subtract the window openings (24 x 10 = 240 sq. ft. minus the 40 sq. ft. windows = 200 sq. ft.). The peak is the tricky part, multiply half of the overall wall length (12’) by the vertical distance from the wall height to the peak (8’) to get the gable end’s square footage (12 x 8 = 96 sq. ft.). Then add 20% on the gable to cover the waste of all those angle cuts (96 x 20% = 115 sq. ft.). Finally, add the wall sq. ft. and the gable sq. ft. together to get the final square footage amount (200 + 115 = 315 sq. ft.). There is a total of 315 sq. ft. of paneling needed to cover this gabled wall.


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