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Interior Doors


Need interior wood doors for your log home?

The average home has 14 interior doors—why settle for a design that doesn’t perfectly complement the warm, rustic feel of your log home? Whether you’re replacing worn, broken doors or remodeling your home, Northern Log Supply carries a full line of interior doors to meet your needs. Popular styles include our knotty pine panel doors, shaker panel doors, and even sliding barn doors.

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  • 18" - 36" size doors. Download our size chart.

  • Available pre-hung and slab. Pre-hung interior doors come with hinges for easy installation.

  • Standard door jamb is 4-9/16", but we can custom manufacture your door jambs to any width.

  • Jambs come knocked down.


2 Panel Sedona Arch Door
Knotty Pine
4 Panel Clear Door
Clear Pine
2 Panel Knotty Alder Arch Door
Knotty Alder


3 Panel T Shaker Clear Door
Three Panel

T Style, Shaker Door

4 Panel Clear Door
Four Panel

Shaker Style, Clear Pine

5 Panel Shaker Clear Door
Five Panel

Shaker Style, Clear Pine

6 Panel Clear Door
Six Panel

Shaker Style, Clear Pine

2 Panel Sedona Arch Door
Two Panel Knotty Pine

Sedona Arch

6 Panel Knotty Door
Six Panel


2 Panel Sedona Square Top Door
Two Panel Knotty Pine

“Sedona” Square Top

8/0 Knotty Alder Door

Fifteen Light, Pine, Primed

2 Panel Knotty Alder Arch Door
Two Panel Knotty Pine

Alder Arch

-product options- BARN DOORS

Barn doors can be a great way to separate rooms, while providing a country chic flair to any space. Whether you want your barn door to glide along an upper rail, or have a bottom track to prevent the door from swinging, we can customize your order to meet your needs. Our barn doors range from rustic to polished and come pre-finished or unfinished in a variety of styles.

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Order Considerations

How to measure for the door you need

Door openings and dimensions are especially important when installing or replacing an interior door. When replacing an existing door with a pre-hung door, you will want to choose a door that has the same dimensions as the existing one.

For a slab door, measure the width, height, and thickness of the door. For a pre-hung door, measure the width and height of the slab, the rough opening (space between the studs with no door installed), and the thickness of the jamb (the wall thickness that the door unit will be fitting into).

How to determine door swing direction

It’s important to know whether your door is left or right handed, so we know where the door hardware (think: hinges and door handle) should go. To determine the handing, or door swing, stand on the outside of the door (the side from where you would enter, such as in the hallway facing the bedroom). If the hinges are on the left side of the door, you have a left-handed door. If the hinges are on the right side of the door, it's a right-handed door.

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