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Blue Stain Pine: A Distinctive Paneling Choice

blue stain pine

Want something truly unique for your interiors? Blue Stain paneling is an ideal option.  

Blue stain pine paneling, with its striking azure streaks amidst a canvas of golden wood, instills a fresh style into the traditional beauty inherent in real wood interior paneling. Today we’re exploring blue stain pine in its entirety, from the source of its captivating coloring and how it compares to other ‘normal’ pine varieties to illustrating how opting for this visual component can elevate your interior spaces. 

With the right paneling partner, you’ll be able to include blue stain pine to your design palette and enjoy the results. Let’s dive in.

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What is Blue Stain Pine?

Blue stain pine is harvested from numerous species of Pine, including some species of Spruce and Alpine Fir. The most commonly affected species is White Pine, a species often used in paneling.

In general, blue stain pine is a light-colored softwood including a pale yellow or white coloring that is common to pine wood. The ‘blue stain’ is reflected in distinguished areas of the wood featuring a blue-gray color that can range from light gray to deep bluish-back hues. The color ranges in this specific type of pine wood can be even more dramatic, with some areas of purple, red, and darker brown taking hold. 

The reasons for these distinct coloring differences are not the result of a dye, pigment, or any other man-made technique. The blue stain is the result of a symbiotic relationship between the pine tree and a specific non-destructive fungus. 

When pine trees are stressed, such as from insect infestation or drought-like conditions, they produce resin as a defense mechanism. This resin, when mixed with certain fungi, permeates the wood with blue-gray streaks that offer visual appeal unique to each specific tree. The most common cause of the fungus is the mountain pine beetle.

Blue Stain Pine vs. ‘Normal’ Pine

First, it needs to be noted that blue stain pine is as safe to handle as any other piece of wood. The stain effect doesn’t threaten your health in any way and does not affect the strength of the wood itself. 

Blue stain pine maintains the inherent durability and strength of normal pine. It's robust and resilient, making it useful for many of the same applications. Blue stain pine should NOT be considered an inferior product to White Pine (or any other pine species).

However, the blue-gray discoloration does increase the wood’s ability to absorb water. If exposed to rain, it will soak up water faster than non-stained wood of the same type. It should be limited to interior uses.

The primary benefit of blue stain pine is its aesthetic appeal. The blue-gray hues and streaks will vary between different parts of the wood, making every board its own creation and imparting character that a more uniform pine selection may lack. It’s a favorite among interior designers and architects due to its rustic, natural appeal. 

Why Choose Blue Stain Pine Paneling?

Whether used for wall paneling, flooring, or ceilings, the appearance of blue-stain pine wood gives every room an appealing focal point.

  • This coloring complements various design styles, from ultra-modern to farmhouse chic. It can blend into diverse interior themes, serve as a focal point for a design choice, or anything in between.
  • Blue stain pine can generate conversations with its distinctive appearance, its origin, and naturally created captivating patterns. 

In short, when you want your interior spaces to say more and create an environment that is all their own, blue stain pine is up to the task. Functionally, virtually nothing is lost in opting for this stylistic choice. 

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Trust Northern Log Supply for Everything Wood 

Northern Log Supply has long believed in the beauty and functionality of wood when building homes, cabins, and commercial properties — from log siding and paneling to trusses and trim. Our tongue and groove paneling makes installation quick and easy and now includes Blue Stain Pine as an option.

With Northern Log Supply, our craftsmen work to create ideal, perfect-fit solutions for your design and building needs. When our tongue and groove blue stain paneling you’ll have access to everything to make it a part of your home — at a better price point than you’ll find in big box stores. At Northern Log Supply, you can add:

  • Weather Wood texturing
  • Availability in both 1x6 and 1x8 dimensions
  • Availability in 2-foot to 8-foot board lengths
  • It doesn’t require staining, but all stain options are available
  • Beveled edge and center match profiles
  • End matching includes square and beveled edge

Contact us today to learn more about blue stain paneling and how we can use it to help build your vision.

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