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How to Build a Barn Wood Bar

Weathered grey barn wood bar with barn wood siding from Northern Log Supply.

Nowadays, many consumers are ditching a night out at their local watering hole in favor of growing their own hops, brewing their own beer, and even building their own home bars.

Building a home bar can make for a simple woodworking project that’s fairly budget friendly. A home bar can be integrated into a range of rooms, such as man caves, rec rooms, basements, kitchens, and even living rooms. It’s the perfect addition of style and comfort for your next home beer tasting or football watch party.

Check out a home bar built by one of our customers in the photo above, featuring weathered grey barn wood and a live edge bar top. Like what you see? Follow these steps to build your own barn wood bar.

1. Build the Base

Building a great bar starts with a good base. The base is arguably one of the most important parts of the bar, as the stability of the bar depends on it. You might like your drinks “shaken, not stirred,” but not your bar!

The base can be made using 2×4 pine wood that outlines the dimensions of your bar. Cover the base in plywood to create a solid foundation.

2. Build the Internal Frame

Now, it’s time to build the interior skeleton of your bar. You’ll need posts at each section that are cut to your desired bar height. Ensure each post is equal in height, or else the bar top will not be level.

Use one 90° metal angle brace for each post to anchor it to your base. In order to attach the brace to the post, mark where the post will go on the base and where the screws for the braces will go on the base and posts.

Drill the holes for the brace, and attach one end of the brace to the post and the other end to the base. Repeat until all posts are attached to the base.

3. Add the Interior Bar Skin

To give your bar strength and a foundation for your barn wood, you’ll need to add plywood to the bar sides.

To attach the sides, drill holes through the plywood into the posts and at the base. The interior bar skin won’t be visible once you add the exterior layer.

4. Add the Exterior Bar Skin and Trim

This is the part of the bar that will be visible to your guests. Use Northern Log’s barn wood siding to the exterior of your bar. For a weathered look (like in the picture above), try our weathered grey finishing. Next, install the trim at the base and corners at each of the posts.

5. Build the Bar Top

Now it’s time to add the bar top. In the photo above, the customer used a live edge bar top slab. Your bar top should be larger than the base, so that your guests have room to put their feet. Be sure to use a protective sealant to protect the wood from spills.

6. Enjoy

Cheers! Your barn wood bar is complete. Now that you DIY-ed your bar, it’s time to BYOB and enjoy.

Barn Wood from Northern Log Supply

The bar’s construction is pretty straightforward, but you do need the right tools and supplies. Northern Log’s barn wood siding has the rustic look of old, weathered barn wood, without the worry of crooked boards, insects, or mold. Choose from weathered wood, circle-sawn textures, shiplap and nickel gap, and more to build your custom home bar.

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!

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