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Top 5 most popular interior wood stain colors on pine

Country white stain on wood paneling in living room.

You’ve chosen your wood, now you just need to pick the best wood stain color that will bring out it’s natural beauty and protect it. From wall coverings like log siding, barn wood, and paneling to trims, doors, and railings, wood stain is one of the most important aspects to helping an interior wood project flow.

A few trends we’ve seen is that customers tend to prefer a lighter shade for the wall covering and a dark wood stain color for the trims and doors. Additionally, pine is the more popular wood surface that typically uses a colored stain, rather than cedar. Because white cedar has a natural light and dark combination, we typically just use a clear coat to magnify its natural color.

Need help choosing the best pine wood stain color? We rounded up our top five most popular interior wood stains for pine. See if one of the pine stain colors below can help you achieve the right look for the inside of your home or building.

Most popular pine wood stain colors

Weathered grey wood stain

Weathered grey wood stain

Grey wood stains are getting increasingly popular with homeowners and contractors because they can give a classic, rustic look to newer wood. Our weathered grey is frequently used with contemporary, modern rustic wood products like our barn wood siding. Typically, we don’t use any type of clear coat on our weathered grey colors, as it takes away from the aged look of the stained boards.

Saddle brown wood stain

Saddle brown wood stain

As the name suggests, this interior wood stain is reminiscent of a worn cowboy’s saddle. Saddle brown can be best described as a rich, deep brown color that is warmed by hints of orange and yellow. It’s the perfect shade for creating a cozy, country look inside your home.

Wine barrel wood stain

Wine barrel wood stain

Reclaimed wine-soaked wooden barrel planks can make for stunning paneled walls. Now, imagine that same great rustic, dark brown color on your walls but without the hangover. That’s what you get when you pre-stain your nickel gap or tongue and groove paneling with our wine barrel wood stain color. Request a sample today!

Golden wheat wood stain

Golden wheat wood stain

To brighten up the inside of your home, check out our popular golden wheat wood stain. This medium-light shade resembles the light yellow of the wheat grain with natural, Earthy undertones. It’s the perfect color for anyone trying to create that traditional log cabin look.

natural Pine wood stain

Natural pine wood stain

Our natural pine wood stain is mostly used on wall and ceiling applications of tongue and groove and nickel gap wood siding and is ideal for homeowners and contractors looking for a neutral interior color palette. Try this shade if you want to create a soft, quiet look in your home or use as a background color for more dramatic, colorful accents.

Pre-stain your interior pine wood products

Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, you’ll want to select your stain color now. It’s much easier and cost-effective to stain your wood before you install it, rather than after, to eliminate the mess and expense of staining after installation.

That’s why Northern Log Supply offers the option to apply a stain color to your product before shipping it out. Our automated sprayers will not only give your faster results, but you’ll also get a smoother, more evenly coated finish. Not to mention, our borate treatment helps to extend the life of your wood by deterring any bugs or mildew. Our pre-finished and pre-stained products can cut costs, too, with most of our clients seeing over 50% in savings over having a contractor stain after installing your wood.

For more interior stain colors, check out all of our pre-finish and pre-stain options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can always custom color match to your sample. Contact our experts to help you pick your best stain.

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