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Save Time and Money With Pre-stained and Prefinished Wood Products

Eliminate the mess and expense of finishing wood siding, paneling, or railing after installation with prefinished wood products. Order any of our products pre-finished or pre-stained, and you’ll cut your expense and installation time. All of our interior prefinished wood products receive two coats with sanding between each coat — giving them a beautiful, professional finish. We offer both exterior and interior stain options in a variety of colors as well as different finishing options and washes.

Once you’ve selected your stain or finish from our extensive collection, your order will arrive finished to your specifications and ready to install.

The Advantages of Prefinishing and Pre-Staining Wood Products

  • Most clients save more than 50% over contractor staining post-installation
  • All finishing and staining is done on-site at our location in Michigan
  • Our automated sprayers produce a smoother, more evenly coated finish
  • Prefinishing and pre-staining avoids weather and humidity delays
  • Exterior products are sealed on all four sides for maximum protection
  • We back brush all stains to ensure uniformity with the wood grain
  • Our borate treatment helps deter bugs and mildew
  • Complete your project faster and with a professional finish
  • Contact us to learn more about prefinished wood product benefits

We'll Help You MAximize Appeal and Longevity

Our clients choose an exterior stain not only to bring out the wood’s beauty, but to also protect it. Our experts can help you choose a pre-stained or prefinished wood product that has all the properties necessary to protect and preserve the wood from moisture, UV rays, insects, mildew, and fungus.

We use several different lines of stain as well as in-house developed finishing solutions. We’ll help you choose the best pre-stained or prefinished wood products based on your location and UV exposure. For a personal recommendation, contact our team today. And don’t forget to order log siding corners, trims, and accents to match.

Interior Stain Options

Barnwood Gray
Honey Dew
Clear Coat
Light Natural
Autumn Blend
Wine Barrel
White Wash
Golden Wheat
Early American
Saddle Brown
Dark Walnut
Black Tea


Ordering Pre-Stain
Pre-Finishing Process
Finishing & Stains

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