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Uncovering Uses for Multicolored Weathered Wood

uses for multicolored weathered wood

Northern Log makes it easy to incorporate varied yet cohesive tones into your decor.   

Weathered wood presents classic natural beauty, with its imperfections as part of its character—rather than a detriment. With modern weathering techniques, which add vintage looks to fresh lumber through distressing done by hand and machine, options are now nearly unlimited for visionaries looking for a bold, rustic touch to their interior environments. The choices are only growing. For example, have you considered the many uses for multicolored weathered wood from an aesthetic standpoint?

As wood ages, it acquires a distinct patina and wear patterns imbued by its environment. This adds to its allure as a stylistic choice. With multicolored weather wood—think of a patchwork of distressed boards—this appeal is only increased by the variety of tones included. 

We’ve discussed the merits of weathered wood before, including the benefits of achieving a distressed or aged look without dealing with the hassles present in such wood. At Northern Log, we use 100% newly sourced pine wood for our Weathered Wood line of products and then add the distinctive touches of distressed or reclaimed wood. This gives you the look you want and avoids the hard-to-find supply issues, curled boards, dirt, or pests you don’t.

As a driving component of the ‘shabby chic’ decorating movement, the uses of multicolored weathered wood are many and still growing. Today we’ll cover several ways you can make use of this versatile interior design tool.

High-Quality Wood, Direct from the Forest: Connect with our team at Northern Log to learn how we source and deliver beautiful natural wood products. 

Looking For Uses For Multicolored Weathered Wood?

Multicolored weathered wood, whether reclaimed or purchased new, is a creative choice to add zest and character to interior spaces big and small. From rustic to urban, rough to soft, the variety present leaves the exact design choices up to you. Here are some of the more common ways this resource is used today. 


The wide array of colors and cutting styles present gives untold options to creating unique furniture pieces, suitable for every room in a home. Tables are a natural choice and can make great use of a pallet top or single panel. But benches, chairs, bed frames, and (if you extend the category slightly) mantles, all make use of diverse colors and textures that multicolored weathered wood provides. And this doesn’t even begin to cover the options if you extend the use to outdoor furniture on a patio or porch.

Accent Walls & Wall Art

Panels and paneling made from multicolored weathered wood can add to the desired atmosphere in any room, from warm and inviting for a den or bedroom to a more modern, sleeker choice for living spaces. Combining panels or arranging them in eye-catching patterns can give a focal point for any space or add a signature touch. 

In the Kitchen

Want a rustic-themed kitchen? Weathered wood can be used for cabinet doors, with modern options providing character and consistency. Topping a substantial butcher block or kitchen island gives the cooking space a strong focal point that can tie it strongly to the chosen motif employed elsewhere in the home.

Personal Imprint Items

There are many more areas and items in your home that can use the style of multicolored weathered wood to add the kind of unique feel and charm that marks it as something wholly your own. For instance, weathered wood planks—of different hues or the same—can be used to create a heirloom-worthy headboard. Building open shelving units from weathered wood can hold decorative items, personal belongings, or kitchen essentials with style. Create personalized house number signs for your exterior. The uses are only limited by what you can envision.

Looking for ways to use Weathered Wood? Take a closer look at five more ways to use distressed or weathered wood to add character and play off its strengths.

Create Your Uses for Multicolored Weathered Wood with Northern Log Supply 

Our specialty line of Weathered Wood products gives you the look of worn wood—complete with antique-style cutting marks, weather checks, and hand-crafted distressing—but on 100% new pine lumber. Because it’s new lumber, you’ll always be able to get more of a specific look to complete your project. We’re proud to offer three special multicolor weathered wood kits that bring together different textures, sizes, lengths, and stains together for a dynamic look for your interior spaces.

High Country — Think Western. Think rustic. Perfect for cowboy boot wearers.

Napa Valley — Country comfort with a softer touch.

Motor City Industrial — Modern and sleek. Perfect when you want to recreate an urban winery vibe.

There’s much more from our Weathered Wood line. Tongue and groove functionality is a hallmark of our products, and many can be tailored for interior or exterior projects. Prefinished lumber and an incredible variety of interior staining options give you a larger palette to create from. Other paneling elements of our Weathered Wood line include:

  • Antique Hewn Planks
  • Antique Circle Sawn 
  • Weathered Circle Sawn
  • Vintage Barn Wood
  • Antique Hewn Chink Siding
  • Board and Batten

Contact us today to learn more about the uses of multicolored Weathered Wood and how we can help you create the space of your dreams.

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