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Log Home Supplies

Bring your dream to life with custom log home supplies.

At Northern Log, our bread and butter lies in delivering excellent materials sourced straight from the woods in Michigan to homeowners, helping them achieve the look and feel of their dream log home. Choosing between several textures, species, sizes, and stains, contractors and homeowners alike can trust Northern Log to provide stunning, durable log home supplies for use throughout the interiors and exteriors of the perfect, custom log home.

Whether you’re planning a new build or remodeling, we manufacture wood products like siding, paneling, staircases, railings, trusses, and so much more with both easy installation and achieving the right aesthetic in mind. Our tongue and groove end-matched siding and paneling paired with pre-stained and pre-finished services will speed up installation so homeowners can get into their log home faster. Read more about our featured log home supplies, species, and past projects below.

Achieve Your Dream Log Home Aesthetic

Weathered Wood

Northern Log Supply now offers a wide assortment of Weathered Wood products, including planks, siding, and panels along with antique lumber and timbers.

Milled Half Log Staircase with Flare Bottom Trees
Flare-Bottom Wood

Heavy timber beams provide eye-catching character and charm while fulfilling key structural demands in timber framing. Learn more here from Northern Log Supply.

Featured Log Home Supplies

Log Siding

Northern Log excels at supplying eye-catching, durable log siding that withstands the elements over time. We manufacture siding with tongue and groove and end matching with your ease during installation in mind.

As with many of our products, the sky’s the limit when it comes to customized options for achieving your home’s perfect outer look. Choose machined smooth siding for a polished look or a hand-hewn texture for a more rustic appearance. Browse several available species and sizes that perfectly fit your needs. Finish with our pre-stained options, available in a variety of standard colors as well as custom stains. Reach out now to discuss the options.

Log Paneling

Make your log home interior shine with log paneling for your walls, wainscoting, and/or ceilings. Whether you’re looking to achieve a modern look or a more rustic, charming feel, Northern Log’s customizable, easy-to-install options will help you build the interiors of your dreams.

With ¾” thickness for long-term durability, tongue and groove and end-matched options for more efficient installation, and a variety of stains and finishes available, our wood paneling is manufactured with both ease of process and design features in mind. Learn more about our white pine, white cedar, and red cedar paneling here, or reach out to one of our expert craftsmen to discuss.

Staircases & Railings

Our interior and exterior staircases are available in pine and cedar, with timber staircases, and timber or milled half log staircases options. The placement, aesthetic, and practicality of every staircase should always be kept in mind when making decisions for your log home. Learn more about six types of staircases for your log home in this blog.

Along with staircases, Northern Log provides a variety of easy-to-install cedar railings for both the interior and exterior settings of your log home. Getting the texture and stain right for your aesthetic tastes is easy with several options available. Plus, our pre-staining and pre-finishing services alongside the option to purchase a kit reduce time, energy, and mess during the installation process. Reach out today to discuss your home’s unique needs.

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Trust Northern Log for Excellent Log Home Supplies

We can deliver on the right species, size, texture, and stain to bring your dream aesthetic to life.

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