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Barn Wedding Venues

Building a Barn Wedding Venue? Check Out Our Wedding Barn Kits

If you’re considering building a barn wedding venue, you’ll need the best materials on the market. Northern Log provides wedding barn kits that will help you achieve the perfect elegant, rustic look for your event hall.

At Northern Log, we harvest and mill high-quality wood directly from the woods of Michigan. From heavy timber beams to rough-sawn shiplap, weathered barn wood, and beyond, we’ll supply all the materials for the wooden wedding barn or event venue of your dreams. We even offer pre-stained and pre-finished options to make your siding and accents the perfect wedding gray or white wash while saving the mess and cost of post-installation staining.

Timber Trusses That Wow

With both rough-sawn and smooth options, we use white pine, red cedar, douglas fir, or glu-lam to bring beam accents to life. Whatever connection type you need is also available at Northern Log, whether it be steel or concealed plates, hidden connections, or mortise and tenon joinery. Our products excel for several different types of truss designs and can be pre-stained or pre-finished to help you achieve the exact look you desire. Make your accent designs a reality with our timber truss products here.

Rustic Weathered Wood

Looking for that weathered wood look without the price or issues associated with actual antique wood? Our weathered wood product uses newly harvested wood while applying stains and textures that give the wood a truly rustic, weathered appearance. Choose from a variety of textures, stains, and finishes to create the rustic look you want for your venue. Learn more about weathered wood and request a quote here.

Memorable Shiplap and Nickel Gap

Shiplap and nickel gap are the perfect materials for both interior and exterior siding of a barn wedding venue. You can use these materials in a variety of unique ways to make your event space stand out from the crowd. Use siding that will bring you closer to the rustic charm that brides and grooms are looking for with rough-sawn shiplap or more finished nickel gap options. Explore the qualities of these two popular types of wood and browse available colors and finishes here.

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Building a Barn Wedding Venue Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Contact us to discuss your designs and how we can help fulfill them today.

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