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Wooden Restaurants

Bring your wood restaurant design to life with high-quality materials.

At Northern Log, one of our specialities is providing high-quality wood products and supplies for wooden restaurants. With ample experience working with large restaurants like The Shanty, restaurant chains like Twin Peaks, local Michigan diners, and much more, we’re able to provide the supplies needed to help you fulfill any wood restaurant design.

Restaurants and eateries have used a wide range of our products over the years, including weathered barn wood, multi tri-color nickel gap, log siding and beams, and heavy timber. Our pre-stained and pre-finished services allow for even more options to satisfy a restaurant's particular needs while making the project process easier for contractors. Contact us to find out more about our wooden restaurant offerings.

Highlighted Restaurant Projects

Twin Peaks

Over the past three years, Northern Log has worked with Twin Peaks’ parent company Ansara Restaurant Group to help in new builds and convert existing restaurant buildings. Now, you can find our products like trusses, barn siding, specialty wood, and log siding in Twin Peaks across Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Florida. Learn more and view our finished project gallery here.

The Shanty

The Shanty has been a family-owned hot spot near Chicago for more than 100 years. For their restaurant renovation, we provided exterior wavy-edge siding, heavy timbers, Douglas Fir trusses, rough sawn decking, roof and flooring joists, timber and bracing for the overhang, and cedar log railings. See the full details of the project and more images here.

Schlotzsky’s Delis

This fast-casual sandwich brand has undergone major renovations in several locations in recent years, using multi tri-colored nickel gap from Northern Log. These updates have led to sales increases for the brand. Reach out to find out more about our capabilities for multi-site restaurant remodels.

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