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Wooden Amusement Park Supplies

If you’re in need of wooden amusement park supplies, partner with a theme park supplier you know you can trust.

Whether it’s for a restaurant or eatery, wooden roller coaster element, or just for decoration, every amusement park needs high-quality wood. At Northern Log, our long tradition of providing amusement park supplies means we can guarantee both expert craftsmanship and a positive experience and for you and your guests.

Our wood — used for a vast variety of custom products from siding to trusses and posts to railings — comes directly from the woods of Michigan. We can bring any amusement park design to life with our pre-engineered and easy-to-install products. And our pre-stained and pre-finished options will bring your project one step closer to completion before it even starts on-site.

3 Pieces of Inspiration from 3 Different Locations

Indiana’s Fly-Through Coaster Barn

Looking for structures your coasters can zoom through for those “near-miss” thrills? Our barn wood beams and timbers have been used to execute a barn that one coaster in Indiana cuts through the center of. Create a mid-coaster structure that your guests won’t be able to stop talking about — contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

Photo: "Thunderbird" by Jeremy Thompson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Rustic Restaurants in Ohio

Tap into a rustic tone and fully achieve an amusement park area’s theme with wooden accents in eateries. We’ve supplied wood products like wavy-edge siding, easy-to-install tongue-and-groove, heavy timber trusses, and mill log porch posts to a popular Ohio theme park in order to make their wooden restaurant structure fit seamlessly amidst rides and decor. Find out more by reaching out to one of our expert craftsmen.

White Cedar Wood Sets the Scene in Tennessee

Our white cedar log components, railings, and posts were used in a Tennessee theme park to reach a classic look that matches its Southern charm. Depending on the texture, type, and color chosen, wooden theme park accents and elements can sell the theme of one specific area, or even help to pull an entire park together under one, unifying tone. Find out how we can fulfill your wooden amusement park supply needs by requesting a quote.

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Wooden Amusement Park Supplies Should Come From a Trusted Source

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