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Cost-Saving Tips for Building a Log Home

Log House

Log homes are back in style, but they can come at a steep price if you aren’t careful. Thanks to modern techniques and product offerings, however, there are a couple different ways homeowners can build a log home for significantly less. In addition to saving money, these modern techniques can also make installation a breeze, create a seamless, professional look, and allow you to incorporate some modern touches in the design. Here are some cost-saving tips for building a log home.

Half Log Siding Offers Full Log Look for Half the Cost

You want the massive look and feel of a log home, but the cost of full-size logs can add up quickly. Half log siding gives homeowners the massive feel of a full log home, but with half the expense and weight. This is achieved by splitting the log, then finishing with techniques like tongue and groove and end-matching, so the logs fit together seamlessly, eliminating any waste.

Additionally, half log siding allows homeowners to install log siding on the exterior only. This technique gives you more options for designing the interior of your log home. For example, installing wood paneling, barn wood siding, shiplap, nickel gap, or even more log siding, can offer a complete natural look throughout your home, while offering some visual variety.

Pre-finishing or Pre-staining Your Wood Saves Time and Money

Trying to finish your home after installation is a really big (read: expensive) job. This is one of the most common—and painful—mistakes log home owners make during the buying process.

Pre-staining or pre-finishing your logs before they arrive on site can eliminate the mess of trying to achieve a uniform color during installation and cuts project time and expenses significantly. In fact, by choosing to pre-stain or pre-finish their logs, most of our customers save over 50 percent in costs, compared to hiring a contractor to stain after installation. In addition to saving time and money, pre-finishing can also extend the life of your wood. Some more advantages of pre-staining and pre-finishing include:

  • Our automated sprayers ensure a smoother, evenly coated finish.
  • No delays in weather or humidity.
  • Our borate treatment allows the material to deter any bugs, mold, and mildew.

Building Your Log Home on a Budget

Just because you’re looking to build your log home cheap, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality. Northern Log Supply can provide you with high-quality wood direct from the forest to help you build an affordable log home that will last for generations to come.

As you start to build your dream log home, we’ll guide you along the way as you consider pine vs. cedar log siding, butt and pass vs. saddle notch corners, and all of the other details that go into building your dream log cabin home. We can even help with installation! Contact us today to get started.

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