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Get The Look of a Log Home for Half the Price and All the Charm

Log House

Log homes are back in style, but these aren't you great granddaddy's log cabin.  Today's homes are warmer in the winter (thank goodness) and color in the summer (praise be!). Thanks to this modern technique, homeowners can get the look for significantly less than building a full log home. Additional modern features include the option to use log siding on the exterior only, giving you additional options on the interior to finish with our interior log siding, paneling or barn wood for a complete warm wood look throughout. This is achieved easily by splitting the log, then finishing with modern techniques such as tongue and grooves on the logs so they fit together nearly seamlessly and end matching to eliminate waste.

These modern techniques make installation easy, create a seamless, professional look and allow you to mix in modern options, such as:

Pre-finishing or Pre-staining Your Wood

We can stain or pre-finish your logs before they arrive on site to your custom color preference. This eliminates the mess of trying to achieve uniform color during install and cuts project time and expenses significantly. Watch Pete Green explain how to choose the right finishing and treatment for your log home.

What Not to Do

Trying to finish your home after installation is a really big job. This is one of the most common -- and painful -- mistakes log home owners make during the buying process and shows up frequently as one of the "cons' they list in surveys.  We're so confident you'll see the difference, we're showing you a competitor video outlining their "simple six step process" showing what it takes to stain your home once the siding is installed.  Watch and decide for yourself which is easier? Their six step process or ordering your wood prefinished. If you have questions, contact us and we can help you understand your options better.

Choose the Right Texture

Options include smooth sanded, hand-hewn or hand scribed.  Contact us for samples so you can see these textures up close.

Choose the Right Size

Different homes require different sized logs depending upon the style and scale of the home.  In general, you're better off with a smaller log on a smaller home and a larger log on a larger home.  It get's interesting when you mix the dimensions or textures of logs and other woods used on the home to create a modern, rustic look, as in the home shown above. See our Gallery to get ideas on how homeowners mix wood for an interesting look.

White Cedar or Pine

Each of these logs has their own benefits and care instructions. Today's buyer can choose the right wood for the look you want and the right log for your environment and climate. Watch Pete Green describe how to choose the right wood for your home and see how we help you choose the right finishings.

Choose the Trim & Corners to Finish Your Home

Your log home needs real "log trim" to get the right look.  Choose the type of corners you like including butt and pass or saddle notch. Order window and door trim at the same time as you place your log order to ensure the finishing and stains are a perfect match. Finish it off with the perfect custom pieces such as live edge slabs on counters, custom mantels or flare butt trees for posts.